How much are you really spending on healthcare?

Healthcare costs are a serious problem, and most of us feel helpless to do anything about them.  This book provides a roadmap from an insider's perspective of how smart healthcare decisions can lead to instant cost savings.

Customer Reviews

"This book is a quick read and easy to understand.  This should be required reading for anyone who has insurance or doesn't!  I get the difference between health programs, ER and urgent care, would use if I had to track billing issues (I recommended this to my mom who is taking care of a family member's billing), and basically feel like 'I get it.'  And it didn't even hurt.  This book is very helpful."

- Taylor

"This book helped me save on my medical bills and resolve some real medical billing issues.  Thank you Barry."

- Vee

"This book explains all the different healthcare options available in easy to understand language.  It gets rid of all the questions one may have about healthcare choices.  It is especially needed at a time when everything is changing and very little is understood by the consumer.  It helps the consumer make a wise choice for their individual needs."

- Eileen

"Great book, very informative!!  Barry made it easy to read, with terminology the general public can understand.  Barry knows this business well.  I recommend folks read this book.  It could save you lots of money!!"

- Karen M. Judson

"This book actually saved me money!  I promise if you read this book, you will save money too.  Barry really knows his stuff.  This is an excellent book for future reference.

- Bruce Wolfowitz

"Easy Read.  Great pearls of information and risks to avoid.  Excellent go-to book in these challenging healthcare times....You'll use this information; share it with your friends and family.  Read it!"

- Pam P.