Healthcare costs are a serious problem, and most of us feel helpless to do anything about them.  Now you can get a roadmap from an insider's perspective on how smart healthcare decisions can lead to instant cost savings. Take Control of Your Healthcare Costs is a timely and personal guide to making financially savvy medical decisions. It gives consumers practical insights and guidelines for reducing their healthcare expenses. Each chapter is brimming with tips and strategies on how to put money back in your pocket without compromising care. Understand all your healthcare options - including Obamacare - and how to navigate today's complex marketplace. Find ways to slash the cost of prescription drugs, surgeries, preventive care, diagnostic tests - and even doctors' visits. Learn how to decipher medical bills, spot billing errors and negotiate lower payments, making the system work for you and your loved ones. Whether consumers have a large family or no dependents, are self-employed or under-employed, chronically ill or haven't seen a doctor in years, it's all about being armed with information, so you can get the best care at the best price.